April 21, 2018


Great Resource Books!
Feeding the Starving Brain, Nutrition for Learning, by Jan Katzen-Luchenta, AMI is a wonderful book offering research on the importance of nutrition on the developing brain.

This is great information that discusses the importance nutrition plays in our children.  It emphasizes making sure children get plenty of essential fatty acids, among other things.  She has a ton of great recipe ideas in here.  I have started adding olive and canola oils to many foods as a result of reading this. (It’s important to remember, to add the oil when the item is cool-as cooked oil has takes on different qualities).

One of my favorite books is Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld.  Some of the recipes we love and others, not so much.  But it has shaped how I cook for the kids.  She basically teaches you how to puree vegetables and add them to your meals, so you know that your kids are getting good stuff in their diets.

Other Great Resources

Ask Dr. Sears is a truly wonderful resource.  You can find research on nutrition and great, kid-friendly recipes.

Good nutrition is KEY for our little ones.  It is important for their brain development as well as their behavior and over-all functioning.

Organic Foods & Products. Check out these helpful websites!
  • Importance of Organic Foods
  • Mom’s Organic House
  • Household chemicals – Try to eliminate chemicals from your home as much as possible.  I am still learning in this area, but these are some easy things that I’ve been able to change.
    • Pest Control – Find an organic pest control person.
    • Water – Add an in home water purifier.
    • Cleaning products-Change cleaning products over time .
    • Skin Products – Change skin products over time.
  • Safe Fish List – From this website, you can print out a pocket guide of safe fish.  Keep it in your wallet to help while shopping.
  • Vitamins – Take vitamins!
    • Multi
    • Calcium
    • EFA
    • Juice Plus veggie and fruit gummies-These are through a juice plus supplier.
  • Food Coloring and Additives in Foods – There is evidence that links food coloring and additives to childhood behavior problems.  I try hard to check labels to avoid them when possible.  If you take the time to search, there are many alternatives to your regular favorites.