April 21, 2018

School Information

Whether it’s Preschool or kindergarten, or even higher education, we have to start early to search out those things that we find important for our children.  Even if they are very young, start looking into the types of educational options available, so that when the time is right, you know what you like and why.  And it won’t hurt to be aware of their application dates.  Be aware, some schools start early and may have waiting lists.

When I was searching out schools, I found that each of us are unique in our interests and personal needs for school.  Therefore, I recommend searching yourself and finding what fits for you and your child/children.  I think the main thing that I learned from discussing schools with other parents, was that it is a very individual and personal process.  What fit’s for one may not be the same for another family.

Things to consider when reviewing a school:

(add anything that your family values)

  • School Performance – Greatschools.com is a great resource when searching out information on a specific school.  Only public and charter schools get the standardized testing, so when comparing them to the private schools, be aware that they are not evaluated the same way.
  • Type of School – Ask yourself, Does this school fit with my child’s personality?
  • Menus – It was surprising to see what school menu’s have on them!
  • Discipline – How do they resolve conflict or behavior issues?
  • Parent Involvement – or lack thereof.

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