April 21, 2018

The power of modeling

The discovery of mirror neurons has helped make clear why modeling is the most powerful form of teaching we have as a parent. When we want to teach our child how to be kind and respect others, the very best way to do this is to be kind and respect others, including our children. Iacoboni discovered that there are specific neurons in our brains with the sole purpose of mimicking social behavior.  With this understanding, we now know that the old saying of “do as I say, not as I do”, does not work.  So as a parent, we must do as we want our children to do and create the best chance of teaching those qualities we want them to develop.

This commercial called “Children See, Children Do”, It’s powerful.


If you are interested in a 50 minute lecture by Iacoboni, the one who discovered the mirror neurons, watch this wonderful video presented by google.

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