April 21, 2018

Breakfast Ideas

Pancakes (these have a lot of eggs, and mixed with a veggie or fruit and whole grain pancake mix they are a great way to start the day!)

Try making dollar size pancakes for easier eating.

  • Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes

½ cup pancake mix (I use organic, multigrain), 4 eggs, ½ cup pumpkin puree, Handful of chocolate chips

These don’t really need syrup because the pumpkin and chocolate chips make them sweet.

  • Sweet Potato Pancakes

½ cup pancake mix, ½ cup sweet potato puree, 4 eggs, Cinnamon

If you want syrup for the pancakes, only use organic pure maple syrup.  I put it in little sake cups, so that they can dip the pancakes.  I also add olive and canola oils to the syrup.

  • Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes

½ cup smashed bananas, 4 eggs, Handful of chocolate chips

  • Apple Pancakes

Well, you get the idea……just use either minced, pealed apples or a cup of organic, unsweetened apple sauce to the batter and some cinnamon.

French Toast

  • Sweet Potato

5 eggs, ½ cup sweet potato, cinnamon, Soak whole grain bread in mix grill on skillet

  • Pumpkin

5 eggs, ½ cup pumpkin, little bit of shaved chocolate

We like to cut them into sticks which are easier to dip in syrup


  • Add eggs, sliced bananas or thawed frozen blueberries, or both to your favorite waffle recipe.

Crepes (these are a great way to get kids to eat eggs!)

  • 6 eggs, bisquick, agave nectar, milk, thin consistency, Use non stick cooking spray, Cover large round skillet with thin layer of batter
  • Serve with berries and whip cream!


  • Eggs, Toast and bacon/sausage – We use either the Applegate Farms turkey bacon from Sprouts or the bacon or sausage substitutes by Morning Star
  • Seinfeld’s book has some great egg recipes
  • Eggrolls (my creation)

Mix eggs and grated cheese together and cook like an omelet.  I put in on the griddle so it’s squared.  Cool and then slice in long slices, then roll up and hold with toothpicks.

  • Egg’s in a blanket (from Noggin)

Tear out the center of a piece of bread

Add butter to hot skillet

Add bread

Crack egg in the center of bread/flip when brown

Cereal – I shop of Trader Joes or Sprouts.  Both have great granola and cereal selections that don’t have a lot of sugar.

The kids like it when I add a straw to their bowl so that can drink the milk too.

Or, they add a yogurt instead of milk to their cereal or granola…and fresh berries


  • Best Recipe EVER in Feeding the Starving Brain, Nutrition for Learning!
  • Great recipe in Seinfeld’s book!


  • Add apples, raisins, brown sugar and cinnamon.

Peel and cut up an apple or two, Add to the boiling water for a few minutes to soften the apples.

Add in a pinch of cinnamon and brown sugar, then the oatmeal as usual.

After it’s cooled, I add the oils and mild


  • My kids also really like it when I add frozen blueberries and agave nectar to our oatmeal.

Add the frozen blueberries to boiling water until it returns to a boil.  Then add the oatmeal as usual.

When cooled, I add agave nectar (sweeten to liking), and oils.

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