April 21, 2018

Lunch Ideas

These lunch ideas will work for school lunch’s too!

Grains and Protein

Whole wheat Pita Bread (I cut up the pita into bite size pieces that they can dip – or Trader Joes has small pita circles) and Hummus ( I add canola and olive oil to the hummus and put it in a little container)

Whole wheat tortilla with grated cheese (brush with canola oil after it’s cooled to keep it soft – this idea is from Jan’s book)

  • Try adding canned, chunked chicken or lunch meat
  • Try adding a little ketchup or mild salsa for taste
  • Try a side of guacamole they can use to tip it in
  • Or, add refried or chili beans to make it a delicious burrito (after beans are cooled, add oils


  • Sprouts brand lunch meat (or any without nitrates); add cheese, mustard and mayo for taste (just a little).  Or you can use whole grain tortilla for a delicious wrap.
  • Grilled cheese on whole grain bread
  • Egg salad on whole grain bread (hard boiled eggs, little mayo and mustard)
  • Soup in a thermos with a side of whole grain bread or small sandwich (make sure the soup has a protein, chicken or beans)


  • Edamame
  • Canned green beans (send in a container so that they don’t have to open the can)
  • Persian cucumber (Trader Joes and some other stores sell these mini cucumbers that they eat like a pickle)
  • Carrots, celery, sweet peas, zucchini

Try making a dip with plain yogurt, oils and seasonings


  • Apples, Oranges, Kiwi, Honeydew, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, blackberries, Grapes


  • Water
  • Milk (you can buy boxed milks or use a thermos)
  • Smoothie (these are yummy and nutritious, just remind them to shake them before drinking)

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