April 21, 2018

Ways to help kids calm

Building an emotional tool box for your child is essential.  When your child is unable to think because he/she is out of control, piling on the consequences will not help.  Our goal at this point should be to help him/her calm.  Remember, when our fear brain is activated, our thinking brain is inaccessible!  So, we must teach our children how to notice when they begin to emotionally dysregulate, tight tummy, hot face, etc. and to ask mommy for help or turn to a calming tool to help calm his fear brain.

Calming Space – A calming space in your home is not a “time out” place.  Rather, this is a place that your child recognizes as a safe place where they can calm.


Pin Wheels

Puff balls / straws



essential oils-lavender

Touch Therapy

Fidget (sensory) Items

Stress balls

Porcupine balls

Silly Putty

Chewing Gum

Speak Your Mind


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