April 21, 2018


Parent Consulting

Initial Phone Consultation – Free

Initial Email Contact – Free

Additional Phone Time – $2 minute

EMail Journal – $50 Journal/Email Response

Video Consulting – $50/Response to Video sent for review

Skype Session $100/50minutes

Office Hourly Rate – $100/50minutes

Home Visit Hourly Rate – $150/50minutes


Parenting Classes

‘Parenting With Integrity” runs once a week for 5 weeks in person and 10 weeks online for a total of 10 hours of training.  

$100 for Entire Series

Follow-up phone contact

Free of Charge

Due to the fact that all families and challenges are unique, it is difficult to give a specific cost for the total in-home consulting service.  However, most families will require at least 5 hours, which will include the assessment, and implementation of the family goals.