April 21, 2018


This list is comprised of things that I have found important along my parenting journey.  It is not exhaustive.  Rather, it is meant to be a resource to lead you to the information available.

Download Developmental Charts for ages 0-3!  click HERE

www.kidsgrowth.com is a site that offers current information on the specific life stages of your child.

New Directions Institute, is an amazing resource in Phoenix, AZ.  They offer free classes and workshops that will provide you with the most amazing research on early childhood brain development (0-3).

Feeding the Starving Brain, Nutrition for Learning, by Jan Katzen-Luchenta, AMI is a wonderful book offering research on the importance of nutrition on the developing brain.  Jan also offers one-on-one nutrition services.

Sprouting New Beginnings Planting the Seeds for Early Learning…by Using Signs from American Sign Language to Promote Early Brain Development, Language Acquisition, and Literacy!

Forever Families Through Adoption, is a not-for-profit adoption placement agency, passionate about connecting children with their forever families!

Breastfeeding Pump-n-Go offers Lactation Consulting services and mom groups.  Doris is a well-respected, highly valued lactation consultant.

Ask Dr. Sears is a world renowned Pediatrician.  His site offers amazing resources for parents!

Baby Center offers information on the specific development on the various regions of the brain

Miss Jackie She has wonderful ideas for stimulating brain games for your baby and toddler.

Zero to Three A non-profit organization that promotes the healthy development of infants, toddlers and their families.

The Secret Life of the Brain A series by PBS showing the development of the human brain.

Life’s Greatest Miracle A series by PBS Nova, exploring human development from ebryo to newborn.

The Brain Connection The Brain Connection is a resource created by Scientific Learning Corporation.

Your Developing Baby A wonderful resource by the American Pregnancy Association.

Baby Center has very helpful information and also contained detailed information on the developing regions of your baby’s brain.

The topic of attachment and bonding vs. Babywise or “Ferberizing”, is HUGELY controversial.  I don’t think that I’ve ever seen mothers become so heated about any other topic.  It can be very divisive and hurtful to relationships.  I have friends who disagree with my views, as I with theirs, but we can choose to respect each other as people.  I realize that there are people who choose alternative parenting styles.  And that what may fit for me and my family is not necessary a good fit for another.  I firmly believe that in matters of such importance, one should be willing to look at the information available and make an educated decision.  So, I’ve tried to list varied sides of issues, where applicable.