April 21, 2018

Parenting Classes

Parenting With Integrity

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  • Learn the difference between disobedience and emotional dysregulation!
  • Learn the difference between needs and wants and what to do about them!
  • Learn how to respond with love and integrity rather than reaction and fear!

A parenting program integrating the latest developmental brain research into a parent-friendly training!

Course Content

Attachment and Connection

Find out what a child needs for healthy brain development and how to establish healthy connection and boundaries in the lifelong attachment cycle.

Connecting Discipline Strategies

Learn how to distinguish between your child’s needs and wants and set limits while maintaining a healthy connection with your child.

Parenting without Fear

Fear drives unhealthy behaviors in ourselves and in our children.  Learn how to recognize your own fears, so that you can respond from a loving rather than a fearful place.

Parent Self-Care

Assess your own level of self-care and learn why this is essential to your ability to be the parent that you most want to be.

Build Your Child’s Toolbox!

We want to teach our child how to recognize their feelings and how to manage their feelings in a safe and productive way.  Why not create a toolbox for them to be able to calm their fear part and access their thinking part.

Please Note: Love and Logic classes are no longer available through Phoenix Parent Consulting.  There are many great tools for parents in their classes.  However, there are also several things that they promote that the current literature does not support. Parenting With Integrity incorporates some of these tools, as well as the development brain research that has come out over the last several years. If you would like to take Love and Logic, please contact me and I can refer you to a facilitator.

Important Notice!

We are not an approved Court Ordered Class – You must do a Parent Information Program (see below).

If you are court ordered to attend a parenting class, not any class will do, a PIP class is mandatory. Click here to see their website for details.

Completion of the Parent Information Program is a requirement for all parents involved in a divorce, legal separation, or paternity case in which a party requests that the Court determine custody, specific visitation, or child support. Parties involved in other types of domestic relations actions, such as modification or enforcement of custody or parenting time, as well as child support matters, may also be ordered to attend the Parent Information Program at the Court’s discretion.